At Camping Les Charmes, we strive to preserve nature and educate our customers in how to protect this environment. Our holidays allow everyone to experience nature and also to become aware of its fragility; each of us has the power to achieve this through simple gestures. This year we have installed a number of devices to help with water and energy conservation as well as waste management. So, in light of this we felt it would be useful if we explained our action plan on
environmental issues and how this fits with the concept of sustainable tourism.


To save energy:

  • We use LED bulbs in public buildings and in rental accommodation.
  • We have installed movement detectors in the sanitary facility.
  • The lamps used are low energy light bulbs.
  • Our swimming pool is heated by solar panels and a heat pump to help reduce the consumption of electrical energy.
  • Established a solar power station.

To save water:
Water is a fragile resource. So, we have put in place:

  • The washbasin and shower taps are all on timers to control water use.
  • Our washing machines are professional devices: they have an automatic economy program and we use eco-labelled laundry products.
  • Regular checks in search of leaks.
  • Ecological toilets at the indoor pool.


  • A reed bed is used as a water treatment system.

To better manage our waste:
Waste management is paramount. So, we have built a recycling area: for glass, cardboard, plastic. But also, batteries, light bulbs and plugs.

  • Distributing bags for sorting waste.
  • A Compost container for food waste and green waste.
  • We also recycle cooking oil from our restaurant.

To better manage the Flora and Fauna
Respect of our landscape and animal species living there is essential if we want to live in harmony with nature. We use natural products to keep our Camp site healthy:

  • We use wood chips as a mulch to help reduce our massive water evaporation.
  • Establishment of insect hotels.
  • Tree planting.
  • We use no chemical fertilizers but only natural fertilizers.
  • Most of the cleaning products we use have a green certification.

The team from Les Charmes also contribute through its actions to protect the environment:

  • We prefer to send email rather than sending brochures paper.
  • We save drafts so they can be reused.
  • Our ink cartridges are recycled by a service provider.

We ask our customers to adopt simple measures during their stay and so participate in our efforts:

  • Switch off lights when they leave a room.
  • Turn off the heat when they open a window.
  • Do not leave electrical items on standby.
  • Unplug chargers.
  • Report water leakage.
  • Do not let the water run unnecessarily.
  • Do not throw anything in the toilet that could pollute the water or hamper the work of our sewage treatment plants.
  • Place waste in the containers provided for this purpose (at the entrance of the campsite).
  • Leave batteries, plugs and bulbs at the reception.
  • Pick up your cigarette butts and do not drop litter.

We do not have a spare planet Earth,
Together, we can preserve the environment !